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New scrolling posters for Mediakiosk newsagent kiosks

As part of the modernization of their network, Mediakiosk has entrusted NOVAL to provide energy reducing solutions which can reduce electricity consumption by up to 35%, while at the same time improving lighting quality. This project fits perfectly into the shared commitment of Mediakiosk and Noval towards sustainable development.


Based on specifications provided by the technical team of Mediakiosk, the research and development team at NOVAL furnished a solution that meet Mediakiosk's key criteria:

Kiosque Presse MEDIAKIOSK Tourville


- A high-efficiency, uniformly distributed lighting system

- A horizontal scrolling mechanism, common to different types of kiosks, for 1 to 3 impeccably taut posters

- Optimization of the process of changing posters



The optimized light (homogeneous luminous flux with reduced consumption) is achieved through a combination of high efficiency light sources and optical reflection system developed by Noval. The impeccable display this obtains is in line with the expectations of the most demanding advertisers who want to increase their visibility, including in the most prestigious locations.

The intelligent control system, which uses brushless motor technology, reduces the power consumption of scrolling and maintains perfect tension of the posters even including in cases of fixed scroll modes and overnight stopping.

The system also offers the possibility to avoid indexing by eliminating the aluminum label usually present on posters in order to position them. This innovation reduces costs (aluminum labels) and the time need to prepare the posters.

"Mediakiosk looks to provide municipalities with different pavilion models (Retro, Contemporary, etc...) in order to adapt to the urban landscape all while making available to its advertisers a high-end media line with environmental sustainability intact"  Sylvain WILBERT - Technical Director at MEDIAKIOSK.



As a specialist in the implementation and management of newsagent kiosks since 1911, Mediakiosk finances the manufacture, installation and maintenance of kiosks operated under its responsibility, thus giving the city an economical, scalable and sustainable solution, favorable to local shops and neighborhood life. In return for their investment, the company provides access to advertising market in the corresponding locations.

To date, the company operates 750 kiosks in over 170 cities in France.

It is owned by both JCDecaux (95%) and NMPP (5%).

Press Contact: Katherine Laborde. (Email: - Tel: 01 58 56 19 20).

About NOVAL :

logo NOVAL

Noval specializes in the design and production of mechatronic systems, energy efficient lighting and autonomous energy management solutions. Incorporating innovative kinematics with smart electronic control boards, Noval is known for their reliable solutions.

NOVAL occupies an important place in the provision of scrolling systems and autonomous solar lighting. Noval is also involved in the construction field and offers motorized solutions to improve energy consumption, user comfort and accessibility to the disabled. Their newest field of activity is boating, with the automation of sliding roofs, elevators, television and other mechanisms for well-known manufacturers.

Press Contact: Lionel Bernard. (Email: @ lionel.bernard - Tel: 05 34 47 00 09). 


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